by One Last Word

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Rafa Fernández – Vocals
Diego Rodero – Lead guitar
Jon Finch – Bass
Javi Fernández – Rythm guitar
Chus Maestro – Drums


released December 1, 2009

Recorded and mixed in August 2007 by Carlos Santos at Sadman Studios (Madrid)
Produced by Carlos Santos and One Last Word
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (NY)
Artwork by Colin Marks at Rainsong Studios
One Last Word logo by Chus Maestro




One Last Word Madrid, Spain

One Last Word was formed in Madrid in 2002. The band fuses their influences from classic and scandinavian metal with the new wave of american metalcore. They have been making a name for themselves in Spain’s underground scene playing live for several years. In 2007 the band recorded their debut album “Thrones” as a legacy of their work before calling it quits and self-release it in 2009. ... more

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Track Name: Across Tundra (Ode To Vanebride)
Finally the last horned was blow, twilight written in the
runes of crones
Upon her golden throne, we wait for her call.
Armies gather on the frozen battle-plain, the iron lord
led us across tundra, the goddess war will bless our hearts
choosing warriors among the dead.

The holy nectar flowing from celestial hair, a beverage to
taste in bitter times.
Snow tinged with white blood, spilled with the singing of
Unleash our vengance to punish the crimes of those who I name as enemy.

Spectres swarm riding trough the blackness night.
The iron Lord sing to Vanebride, colossus of the deep wakes up from cosmic might.
Track Name: Hail To The T.V. Screen
The ghost of civilization is a fucking puppet
now you see through all the lies, degradation
of human lives.

God is in the tv, before your eyes
govern us like cattle, do you trust in a few words?
A destiny predicted by clairvoyantes, the show is
about to start, tonight a new season.

Hail to the tv-screen, checking our neural bound,
keeping us away from everything and everyone

Another lie to calm things down, the naked truth,
bullshit to shut our mouth.
It's time to wake up and turn off their pastime.
That scum need an answer.
Track Name: Myths Of The Iron Iconoclast
Once upon a time there was a man and a legend
Calm before the storm, he came from a forgotten kingdom.
Where the idols once ruled the steps, one by one die by
the majesty and legend.

Riding through the flames of endless war
The iron lord on these blackened fields
Gaping in the horizon
a black figure among enemies.

The tyrants hide their idols, they know him
Armoured horse, gloves steel, a silverblade.
He's come to ravage your gods.

The seventh and last son from the north lands
Splendour and nobility, the myths of the iron iconoclast

The war was over, the false gods were eliminated
and the iron lord rode searching the last Leviathan's son,
but that is another story.
Track Name: Hydrahead
Drawing voices in the air, it sounds like the hope
i fix my eyes in the sun till the end
unmasked to show my solemn face

They are waiting to take me
grasping my arms, several heads creeping up on me
their eyes are like a wound that's not healing

Seems however i'm a victim of betrayal
condemned to walk isolated from others
this mortal skin, an empty vessel as offering

No one sees differences
No one sees their spirits
Sovereigns over you all
Track Name: Witness Of The Apocalypse

Day by day I watch how this world gets destroyed
action by action it wastes itself

No compromise and no conscience

Im another one that burns in penitence
when the final judgement day becomes the day when you will die

Destruction, sweet death, crucified by time

I’m a witness begging for his own salvation and quiet I wait for my time

You are the eye for its rain of flames

One life, one chance, one whisper and one last word

No salvation, damage is done, we are damned since we born
no more second chances, one whisper and one last word.
Track Name: Sweet Cobra
She can foretell the future, everything has gone
a poison between us, running dry.
Void of love, a faint line painted in red
when all is said and done, when you die and
i can see you.

My sweet gift, a fountain of pure poison
black eyes and white fangs.
Taste my bitter love cause you need it.

Purple lips whispers our infinite struggle
our confessions, your bedtime story is so funny.
Under submissiom for a long time, armoured
with reasons, threats and lies.

The anger boiling within, my fear is your weapon.
Fight terror with terror.
Track Name: Frozen Flames
When you're down
suicide seems to be the only way to liberate yourself

Deadly intentions and bloody temptations
wake up from lethargy

And you feel it's time to rise above and time to build something from you

Your hidden fire must be unfrozen and your latent flames must be risen

Destiny is burning your lost illusions
so pray now against the oncoming end and bring back your buried hate

I fight for my convictions, tonight i rise above, i'm moved by hate.
Track Name: As I Fall Bleeding Off
As i fall bleeding off you will feel nothing at all

Time passed out, will this remain?

I feel that you don't care if I was suffering at your eyes

Now it doesn't matter, now it's all done
now it doesn't matter, now I play no more
now I'm bleeding off
I tried for the world to do the best that I could

Tears from my eyes slide down my cheeks while I die

I can't breath and blood takes me, I die now
I am strong and I fight for what I stand
I never fall and I never give in

I find my end as beauty as in my pain
and I'm proud of having lived my life.